Surya in Third Bhava

Natives of Surya in third bhava are generally known to be iconic figures in the fields requiring mob management ability. The spaces of manufacturing, production, message delivery, etc are suitable for these natives. They are inclined towards commerce.

Evident Personality Traits of the Native

  • The native of Surya in third bhava may come across as a victim by choice, since their attachment to their pain seems to prevail.
  • They remain attached to any discrimination they may have had to face.
  • Meditation helps, mainly due to their rational intelligence.
  • They generally tend to disturb the familial harmony, mainly with their siblings.
  • They are probable to take upon holy pilgrimages.
  • The natives of Surya in third bhava possess a wide vision.
  • They possess a distaste for sex in general.
  • Perfection, perseverance, forbearance, and diligence come with the Surya in third bhava.
  • Richness of company is attractive to these natives.
  • The natives of Surya in third bhava are strong by nature.
  • Their sufferings come from their equals, such as their siblings or friends.
  • Their elder sibling is more probable to succeed and prosper in life, in case of there being one.

Father’s Traits

  • The father is typically linked with tool-using. This could be vary from a paintbrush or a drawing pen to a fishing net or a plowshare.
  • Most typically, the father is inclined towards professions such as businessperson, a craftsperson, a writer or a media-message signaler.
  • It is also probable that the father is linked with announing, advertising, marketing, promoting, transcribing, etc.
  • Making reports or announcements may be their special skills.
  • They are engaged in matters of publication or transaction on a day to day basis.

Siblings’ or Team Mates’ Traits

  • The native of Surya in third bhava may never may be able to fully appreciate or recognize their team mate’s efforts and skills due to the shadow of their own ego.
  • In small groups, the native may come across as egoistic in case of presence of another person’s celebrity aura.
  • The native is probable to be uncomfortable in small groups for work matters.

Career Choices

  • The natives of Surya in third bhava possess exceptional skills in personal speech and hearing.
  • The natives will probably flourish well in communications media. This includes the means of communication that set the native’s individual identity out and apart. Writing is a less suitable option for Surya-3 natives, since it does not bring out their individual identity. More suitable options are television, radio or internet audio-video performance.
  • Cinema works best for these natives.