Surya in Twelfth Bhava

What sets apart the native of Surya in twelfth bhava from others is their imaginative intelligence, and their excellence in the aspects of foreign affairs.

  • The natives of Surya in twelfth bhava are confident by nature.
  • They identify with imaginary lands from a distance.
  • Their intelligence serves the imaginary, the hidden or the invisible.
  • Due to their tendency to lose individual identity, they amy struggle in social and psychological spaces.
  • They remain isolated and, in fact, may be known for their isolation.
  • Under the shadow of a private relationship, the native’s remarkable attributes may be recognized by someone of a high social status.
  • The father of the native of Surya in twelfth bhava may be admired or popular. Nonetheless, he tends to live a private life.
  • The individual importance of the native may depend on the father’s political importance or standing.
  • The father of the native may not be entirely known to the native. Parts of the father’s personality or life may remain uncovered by the native.
  • A high social position is a difficult place for a female native, since they may be withdrawn of their praise soon.
  • Imaginative personal experience is prevalent.
  • They seek recognition in solar intelligence.
  • Their personality can be described as of a legend in their own mind.
  • In the matters of visionary wisdom, intuition, guidance from ancestors, etc., the native is probable to hold a dominant position.
  • Typically, the native strives in confined environments.
  • They may prosper in performance arts as a benefit of their confused identities (i.e. real identity of the native and imagined identity of the native).
  • The native may lead double lives. One of them may be the more realistic reality while the other may be an imagined fantasy.
  • The native stays confined in reclined places.

Father’s Traits

  • The native’s father possesses a compelling personality in a confined environment.
  • He is popular and admirable.
  • Chances are that the father of the native of Surya in twelfth bhava is a politician. He may also be a theatrical actor.

The native of Surya in twelfth bhava may be a confident and socially active person, but they manage to remain private and reserved, nevertheless. They may be self-centered but not showy. They tend to keep their light hidden. All parts of the personality of the native does not come in the public eye. The native may damage relationship with their father.

  • The native of Surya in twelfth bhava rules an imaginary kingdom.
  • They are into the real meaning of manifestation.
  • The native feels their soul dwelling in the subjective reality.
  • They do not waste their energy unnecessarily in creativity.
  • Loss of wealth may unexpectedly be faced by the native.
  • They will remain free from physical pains of any kind in general.
  • Whenever they seem to be engaging in materialistic pleasures, they tend to withdraw from the process or journey.
  • Their temperament is mercurial.
  • They can be described as a wanderer, though weak and mean.