Transit over moon

Transit over moon

1. When Transit over moon crosses your natal Sun you get some status or progress in the society, your aims will be achieved. But your health may deteriorate. You may be, afflicted with fever. You may have to change your residence due to circumstances. You may have to shoulder new responsibilities.

2. When Transit over moon crosses your natal  Moon  the  period will be very good. In whatever bhava Moon is placed the significations pertaining to that bhava, now will be fulfilled completely. You may change your home or there will be a change in profession or employment. There may be gain through new connections, but the period is only 2 *Za days. Hence, the influence may not be that much significant. In the natal horoscope its dasa bukthi indicates  these  things,  they will happen now. For other planets also it should be similarly understood.

3. When the Transit over moon crosses your natal Mars both good and bad results will happen. You may get  provoked  to  be short tempered and easily go into pangs  of  anger.  But patiently you have to manage the situations. You  may  meet fire and vehicular accidents. You may be affected with contagious diseases. Avoid enmity with opposite  sex,  your own efforts and plans will be affected.

4. When Transit over moon crosses your  natal  Mercury  this  will be favourable time for you. The professions connected with intellect like Ganitha, Jyothisha, writing, will succeed  now. The relationship with opposite sex will be much helpful now. Your eloquence in speech will  improve  and  you  will  also gain out of it. Ladies will like you much.

5. When Transit over moon crosses your natal Jupiter your position, finance, status may go up. Opportunities for progress in life will spontaneously come to you. This is the time more suitable to start new plans and projects. Comforts and joy will increase. You may work more and also gain more. You may get connections with new ladies and gain from them. You will succeed in professions connected with public. You may gain from all relatives except those of husband or wife.

6. When Transit over moon crosses your natal Venus, combination of two fair and delicate planets, your life will be full of joy, comforts, easy going work and sexual pleasure to the maximum. You may get new connections with opposite sex. Ladies now will put up more attractive appearance. Marriage may get settled. Health will improve and all will be well.

7. When Transit over Moon crosses your natal Saturn, the time will not be that good. There will be restraints, worries, unexpressable sorrows will prevail. New efforts will not succeed. Elders will not have any courtesy towards you. There will be no comfort or pleasures from wife or other women. But you will have facilities of conveyance and good health.

8. When the Transit over Moon crosses your natal Rahu your image will be imprinted in the mind of public. Ladies will take part an important role in your life for your betterment.

9 When Transit over Moon crosses your natal ketu, there will be much mental worries and agony and your emotional nature will spoil peace of mind. Avoid contact with public. There may arise differences of opinion with your parents.