Transit results of Jupiter

  1. Transit results of Jupiter through Janma Rasi

The native may be transferred to an unwanted place much against his wish. Even in the new place he will have sufferings. He may have to be away from his relatives and will pick up enmity with others. He will be running from pillar to post with no aim and will have to meet unwanted expenditure. His capability of doing things or the functional ability will go down. His intellect will become dull. He will suffer from punishment in his job. He will have no interest or liking in anything. He may suffer humiliation. He may also be harrassed by the government. He will lose his valuables including jewels etc. by theft, will always be suffering and have a feeling of fear even for petty things.

2. Transit results of Jupiter through second house from Janma Rasi

Money will come to him from many sources and his financial status will go up. His physical appearance will shine with new lustre and beauty. His eloquence of speech will improve and there will be gain also on this account. He will have clear thinking, sharp intellect and knowledge will improve. All basic needs will be met at his home. He will succeed in education and thus become famous. All items of comforts and enjoyments will come to him on their own accord. There will be peace of mind. Others will respect and follow lits words. There will be peace and serenity in the home/family. He svill succeed over his enemies. The native will be relieved from their pinpricks. There will be satisfaction in his family and sex life, his wife will live as per his wishes. He will gain new status, promotion etc. His wealth will incease. He may get a male child. He may also get promotion in his job. Those who are jobless will have new employment.

3. Transit results of Jupiter through third house from Janma Rasi

Here Jupiter is worst. Something unbearable, ominous, sorrow, fear, difficulty may come to the native. His brother’s or sister’s health will get affected. He will be displaced and transferred to other places much against his wishes. There may be danger to the life of father, if he runs Maraka Dasa on completion ofjudged lifespan. The native himself may suffer many ills, chronic and incurable diseases. There may be fear of imprisonment, petty quarrels humiliation and he may become a laughing stock. Though he may be strong, with valour and courage, he loses all hopes, confidence has no timeless to face the life and its problems. He will be in debt and lose his functional ability. He will have to embrace poverty, may lose his job, status etc

4.Transit results of Jupiter through fourth from janma Rasi

The native is forcibly driven out of his home and there is loss of cattle. He will indulge in speculation, gambling and lose his hard earned money. There Will also be loss in business. He will lose properties. There will be no peace at home or outside as well as comforts. His relatives will not like him and leave him alone to suffer. There will be humiliation. He may be attacked and wounded by quadrupeds. There may be danger to life. His mind will be flooded with unsold ed problems. He may ffl0et with vehicle accidents. He Mfill be accused on false @Ourid. He will lose respect in the sociey. He may be punished and demoted in respect of his job or may lose job. He may also suffer punishment at the office. He will not have a good dwelling place.

5. Transit results of Jupiter through fifth house from Janma Rasi

The native will live happily with wife and children as as well as auspicious ceremonies at  home.  He  will  have  new  vehicles. He get the acquaintance of  those  who  are  in  high positions. His fame and name spread and he will also get help from rich persons. He evil I engage in secret projects,  temple work etc. He will get new connections which will be advantageous to him. He will be quick to learn things and his intellect gets sharper to grasp the difficult things and becomes a scholar. He will give food in charity. He will be more serving to his own people. He may get government employment, servants and assistants. There will be birth of male child. He will start his own dairy. Gold or Jewels and new clothing will be added to him and his status, position, honour and respect will go up. Friends will help him Unmarried will get married. He may become a village head (Municipal Chairman) and will get higher positions in government. He will follow justice.

6. Transit results of Jupiter through sixth house from Janma Rasi

The native will lose his cattle. He will have to leave his home or hometown forcibly to unwanted place. He will have to suffer punishment for the faults committed by others. His paternal partner will have wounds over his body  by  weapons  etc.  He will get gastric/diseases, dysentery, digestive disorders etc. He will suffer much due to the har as s ment by his opponent s. There will be quarrels with wife and chilldren.  He  will  enter into unnecessary arguments with others and due to that he will pick up quarrels with others. Unwanted  fear  and  difficulties will overcome him. All his efforts will fail. There will be mourning for somebody, fear from fire, humiliation etc. Government will be angry with him. His mind will not be able to enjoy recreations, music, drama ett. He will always put up a face of bad temper and anger. He will dislike others and become unsocial. He will fail in all his efforts.

7.Transit results of Jupiter through seventh house from Janma Rasi

The native gets pleasure, money and other gains through his wife. His financial status will improve. He will get awards, rewards etc from government. He will get high class vehicles. If unmarried he will be married to a rich or working girl with high financial and good family background. Because of tills, there will be progress in his life. He will succeed in education. Money comes to him from many sources. The wife hither to not co-operative and submissive, will now become an ideal, co-operative, submissive wife and give him all the pleasures. He will work for some good, sacred aim and succeed in it. He will undertake pilgrimage to sacred religious centres. He may have business foreign tours and gain from them. Childless will get child now. Jewels and new clothing will be added to him. He will get delicious and timely food as well as perfumes.  He will attract others through his  sweet character  and  behaviour. He becomes a scholar and attracts others. He will get all comforts and luxuries required for enjoying a happy life. He will get good sweet drinks. Like waxing Moon, his happiness, finance etc. will grow more and more.

8. Transit results of Jupiter through eight house from Janma Rasi

The native’s materials like eatables, grains etc are spoiled and damaged. He will have to go away from his home town and move to unwanted places. He will be relieved from his job  (dismissed  etc). He will lose self respect and suffer humiliation. He may fall sick; his longevity will be shortened (Maraka  Dasa coincides  with to judged life span). He will have liaison with low ranked people resulting in scandal and he will get defamed. Accidents may take place. Misfortune and misery will follow. There ix’ill be shortage of money. He will get involved in litigation and unnecessarily expenses and fear of imprisonment. He will suffer due to lack of  mental peace. No effort or work will succeed. He will toil without gain. There may be fire, and other accidents. Government may harrass him. There will be bodily strain and pain. He will have to be in unwanted restreints.

9.Transit results of Jupiter through ninth house from Janma Rasi

The native becomes head of village or Municipal Chairman, MLA, M.P. etc. and gains fame in politics and other wise. He shapes himself as a man of good character. He observes religious rituals discipline and sacred. His fortune will shine during this time. His income increases and he gets support from his parents. Many people Come to the help of the native. He patronises many men and protects them. He becomes very learned as a scholar. He attains higher status of directing other people. All his endeavour succeed. His home will have all necessities. He gets good income from agriculture.

10. Transit results of Jupiter through tenth house from Janma RaSi

The eatables, grains and essential material at the native’s posessions get damaged. He will have to wait on others for even small things. He may be dismissed from job or be punished. His health will get spoiled. He may be afflicted by eye or other diseases. His own desires will not be fulfilled. He will be affected by mucus. His mind will be easily tired and he will have no confidence in him. He will be  forced  to  be  transferred place and may have to get separated from family for some time. His children will suffer bad health  and  fear of danger  to life to one of them. He may lose his property. One of his near relatives may pass away. It is said that Jupiter in l0th necessarily mars one’s profession.

11. Transit results of Jupiter through eleventh house from Janma Rasi

He will become village head (chairman) MLA, M.R etc. Name and fame will spread and he will get honour and respect from Government. He will do charitable acts. He will get vehicles to suit his status. He will shine, very intelligent and will be adept in many branches of knowledge. He will gain through his knowledge and scholarship, money comes to him from many sources. Gold jewels and new clothing will be added to him. He will have progeny. His financial status will go up more than expected. Sickness will be cured and his health will improve. He will get land and house property as also agricultural lands. He will get satisfaction in sex from his wife. He may also get chances of foreign travel and may also gain through it. Jupiter in 11t from Rasi gives the best results.

12. Jupiter through twelfth house from Janma Rasi

The native will be punished and move out of his home under compulsion. He will lose his employment, job, status etc. If the native is running Maraka Dasa coinciding with judged life span of life, there may be even danger to life. There will be poverty and scarcity of money. He will have to spend more with little or no income. He may indulge in learning low ranked skills like speculation, gambling etc. He may spend more on marriage like auspicious ceremonies. He may get afflicted with incurable wounds (Granthi) cuts etc. He may have liaison with higher caste lady and subjected to scandal on account of it. There will be unwanted enemies and will be always subjected to ‘fear, hesitation etc. A near relative may pass away. There may be loss of property. Though the native may be rich, money will not be readily available during his dirt need