Transit results of ketu

1. Transit results of Ketu through Janma Rasi

Here Ketu gives bad  results.  There  will  be  mental  worries and agony, diseases like small pox, enmity with  coborn  etc. Brothers also have bad time and may suffer ill health and loss of property.- Por females, there may be fire accidents while cooking. Their skin will become decoloured. Since Ketu is Gnana Karaka, devotion towards God develops.

2. Transit results of Ketu through second house from Janma Rasi

Here also Ketu gives malefic results. The native  develops enmity with many, and gets un timely tasteless food. He may get wound under and tip of the tongue. He may even be affected by cancer at the lower portion of the tongue, if the Hogasthana in the horoscope has indications . He will suffer from mental worry, scarcity of money and lack of even essentials at home.

3. Transit results of Ketu through third house from Janma Rasi

Here Ketu gives good results. He wins over his enemies and succeeds to combat them. His income goes up and he gets money from many sources. He may get afflicted with venereal and skin diseases. He should be careful and take precautionary treatment even when symptoms appear. But on the other side, he also gets name and fame. He will become courageous. He lives a life of an aristocrat (Raja Yoga).

4. Transit results of Ketu through fourth house from Janma Rasi

There will be some fear in his mind without any reason. He loses money in speculation, horse race, gambling and by risky business. Both his land and house property will slip away from him. He may meet with fire and vehicular accidents, and may suffer from stomach pain or heart diseases. If Rogasthana indicates bad health, the native is afflicted with some sort of incurable diseases in the part indicated by the limb of the kala purusha signified by the 6th house in the natal chart. His appearance is’iIl lose aura and will look ugly. He may at times become a sanyasi leaving his family once and for all.

5. Transit results of Ketu through fifth house from Janma Rasi

Here also Ketu is bad. He suffers many difficulties. The  wife is affected by diseases pertaining to womb. But since Ketu is Gnana Karaka, here native shows sharp intellect, clear mind and  power of discrimination. His functional skills improve. He may suffer ulcer in stomach and the outer skin of the stomach will also be affected by skin eruption, bruises etc. He suffers due to  loss of one of his children and svill always be in grief. The children’s health may also fail.

6. Transit results of Ketu through sixth house from Janma Rasi

Native gains money from many sources. He wins over his enemies. His maternal uncle may fall sick. The native shines as a scholar and an eloquent speaker and may become famous. But he will misunderstand others or is’ilI be misunderstood  by  others and there will be restraints and mental tension  on  this account. He will be afflicted by stomach pain, but will be cured. Though females draw his attraction, the native will not show  eagerness. All his loans will be cleared. His diseases will be cured and he  w’iIl regain complete health. He will have keenness in pursuits of spiritual knowledge. Here Ketu gives mixed results.

7. Transit results of Ketu through seventh from Janma Rasi

There may be miseries and troubles. The health of a female native svill be affected due to abortion. Even otherwise the native will not be able to get any pleasure of sex from her. He will enter into liaison with wicked women. The unmarried may fall in love with w oman from other castes and may have  to  marry  her under compuls ion. There may be danger of drowning.  Some near relative or somebody from wife’s side may pass away. They may have to visit many towns and villages without any purpose. The mind of the native has  no desire  to do  any  u seful  work and will waste the time.

8. Transit results of Ketu through eighth house from Janma Rasi

Here whatever bad results have been told for Rahu will take place in the case of Ketu too. There will be unresolvable problems and difficulties. The native will suffer fear complex for each and everything. Male native gets wound at the tip of his genitals. Some disease or other will be troubling the native. Jewels, gold, money may be stolen or will be sold for want of finance. The native will suffer from eye trouble. He will be adopting all lower type of discipline of religious behaviour. His mind will always be in the state of confusion. There is fear of some poisonous insect bite like snake etc. But during this period wife will be very much favourable to him, submissive, attractive and keep him always happy.

9. Transit results of Ketu through ninth house from Janma Rasi

Ketu gives somewhat bad result. At all stages, the native gets humili ated, may be subjected to foul  plays  by  others  and  may lose money in speculation and gamblin g. He may become a deceptive sanyasi. He may face and fail in many law suits. He will speak many lies. Due to his short temper all efforts will fail. His father-in-law may fall ill. The native and his father both will b• in trouble. The native will have spiritual bent of mind and due to spiritual introspection, he gets clarity of mind  and  a  new  outlook of life.

10. Transit results of Ketu through tenth house from Janma Rasi

What all bad or good result are given for Rahu are also applicable to Ketu in 10th. There will be receipt  of  money  and gain.  But  these  people  may  indulge  in  speculation,  gambling etc. and lose the money. Due to fire accidents or ekectrical shock, the body gets decolored. He may turn to be a deceptive sanyasi.

I l.Transit results of Ketu through eleventh house from Janma Rasi

Here Ketu gives beneficial result s in  all  ways.  He  will  get  good income from agricuture, will never fail to keep up his commitments and will succeed in all his enterprises. At home, all essential provisions and luxuries will flow in abundance. He will succeed in many businesses. He may be given status in judiciary, may  be  promote d  in  his  j ob,  will  get income from government and his  financial  status  improves.  But the native will breed enmity  with  his  relatives  and  friends.  He will win over his enemies and opponents. His  elder  brother  or sister will fall ill.

12. Transit results of Ketu through twelfth house from Janma Rasi

Here Ketu gives mixed results more on the malefic side. The native incurs losses in many ways. There will be heavy and uncontrolled expenditure. His relatives suffer due to various difficulties and sickness. He may suffer due to fire accidents and small pox, eye problem etc. His mind  will  be  more  on  spritual side  and  he  may  become  Sanyasi.  He  may   not   get   conveyance facilities. There will be conflict and will  get confusion in the family created by his relatives and friends. Ketu will confuse his mind at times. 12th house is called Moksha than a, Ketu is significator for spirituality and self-realisation. As such, when Ketu comes to 12th house from Janma Rasi, the native  will  experience self realisation.