Transit results of mars

1. Transit results of mars through first house from Janma Rashi

He will be accused in many ways by others and experience mental agony. His qualities also get spoiled. He will be suffering from wounds in several spots in the body. His eyes get afflicted. He also suffers from stomach pain and gastric diseases. The glow  and beauty of his face fades. He will suffer mental torture. Some of his dear relatives will leave him alone and go away. HLs blood gets contaminated, because of this he will suffer from diseases pertaining to impure blood. There may be fear of snake bite. He may suffer fire accidents, vehicle and other accidents. His money will be spent on unwanted things. He may also suffer tuberculosis.

2. Transit results of mars through second house from Janma Rashi

There will be loss of money and other things. There may be danger to life. The native will be accused for  no fault of  his  and may suffer humiliation. He will suffer from eye defects and facial diseases. The beauty of his face becomes dull. There will be quarrels with wife and  children.  The native fails to get knowledge. He suffers due to high fever. Due to his harsh speech, he invites enmity  with others.  He  may  be harassed by Government or by other enemies. He picks up quarrels with others. There will be theft of gold, jewels and other valuables from home. Even though he may live aristocratic life of very high order when Mars passes through 2nd, he cannot escape the bad results. There will be no peace in the family, and mental  agony  will  also add to it.

3. Transit results of mars through the third house from Janma Rashi

Here Mars gives very good results, from all angles. Marriage, birth of child etc. may take place. Health will improve and life span also increases. There will be gain through agriculture and as also from real estate. New clothing and jewels get added. There will be gain of money and milk products from  dairy. The  native may  take to study of Vedas and shine in his studies.  He will be courageous.  He may gain from brothers, sisters etc. He will have the self confidence to do any difficult undertaking. In all his efforts he will succeed and will be happy. He will gain from those placed  in lower levels. His body will shine with a new glow of cheer and happiness. There will be no shortage of household goods  including  provisions  etc. His courage increases.

4. Transit results of mars through fourth house from birth Moon Janam Rashi

The native suffers many difficulties, calamities, etc. There  will be mental agony. The native suffers through disorders of blood. He may suffer humiliation. There may be theft of valuables from home. There may be fire accidents, vehicle accidents etc. The native may be wounded by sharp weapon. He will earn the enmity of his friends and relatives. There will be conflict and confusion at home. The mother may fall sick. The native may be forced to go out of the home under compulsion. He may fall prey to conspiracies and foul plays of his enemies. His mind will get confused, status and honour will be lost. Stomach pain, indigestion, dysentery and like diseases will give much trouble and the health will fall down. There will be scarcity at home even of basic necessities. One may have to mourn the death of his very near relatives. Poverty will prevail. There will be opponents to the native from many corners. He will  indulge in all bad and sinful acts.

5. Transit results of Mars through fifth house from birth Moon Janam Rasi

Here Mars gives bad results. There may be difficulties in many ways. There may be danger to life. Mind will be confused and worried. He will pick up quarrels with others easily. Due to this, there will be more and more enemies around him. The native will indulge in illegal and unethical acts. He will become angry even on petty matters. All his endeavours will get spoiled. This will be bad time for children the native may have to mourn death of a child. There will be scarcity of money even for day to day expenses. Poverty will grow. Health of wife will get spoiled. She may have to suffer abortion. The native will be tempted towards unethical desires. He may develop friendship with bad and wicked minded persons. Because of this he will be defaced. His self respect will be lost. His body structure will lose its original build up and become slim due to lack of nutrition. He will be afflicted by many ills. Capability of doing things will fall down. His savings will flow away in many ways. He will not have timely meals and will have only sub-standard food. His desires will grow. He will have more and more enemies around him and will be harassed by them.

6. Transit results of Mars through sixth house from Janma Rashi

Mars is very good here. There will be income from many sources. Home will be full of all types of eatables, grains etc. All efforts will be succeed. There will be gain from all ends. There will be happiness in the family. The native will win over all his enemies.Auspicious events like marriage will be celebrated at home. All the loans will be cleared. The native will recover  from chronic illness and and will regain sound health. All  the  differences  of  opinion and quarrels so far existed will subside and there will be an atmosphere of friend-ship around the native. All cases and litigation at the court will be won by the native. The native gives away charity to the poor. His finance will build up. Those unmarried will get married. There will be birth of child. There will be good  income from agriculture. The native will have  much  sex  appetite  and  it will fully be gratified by his house lady and others. His digestive power will increase. His position in the society will be very much elevated and he will be respected by one and all. He will not worry what happens to others but will always be bent upon getting his things done. Fear from opponents will disappear. His  name  and fame will increase.

7. Transit results of Mars through seventh house from Moon Janam Rashi

Income will get reduced. There will be scarcity of money and the native will be in poverty. There will be scarcity of eatables and basic needs at home. The native earns the enmity of his friends and relatives. There will be quarrel with wife and married life will become a misery. The native also does not get on well with his co- born. He will be affected by diseases like eye troubles,  stomach pain etc. He may meet with fire, weapon, and vehicle accident. He will get tired easily. He will have joint pain and pain in hands. He will breed bad thoughts. The wife will fall ill and his personal pleasure will be very much affected.  Some  scandal  or other  may fall on the native. Health will fail badly. The native will suffer humiliation. All the money saved will be spent out on unwanted pursuits. The native may get separated from his wife and children. The native may be afflicted with diseases like tuberculosis etc.

8. Transit results of mars through eighth house from Moon Janam Rashi

Here also Mars gives very bad results. The native will suffer many difficulties and losses. All his effort will get obstructed and fail. He will be forced to go away from home and his country. There will be fear of imprisonment. He will be affected by many diseases. He will be burdened with loans while he borrows every now and then to meet his financial obligations. There will be heavy loss of business. The native may suffer humiliation. He may be wounded by sharp weapons. Ladies will meet with fire accidents while cooking and may get bad name, for no fault. The native will get trapped in unsolvable problems and will not be able to come out of the same. Wife may suffer very much and there is danger to her life. Longevity will get reduced. The native will suffer front urinary trouble and ills pertaining to large intestines. The lustre of the body will be dull. The native may have to face failure in law suits and there will be expenses on that account.

9. Transit results of mars through ninth from Moon Janam Rashi

But according to traditional Sanskrit texts, Mars is malefic here. The native will suffer loss of respect and humiliation. His body will become weak. There will be scarcity of money given for basic expenses and poverty will embrace the native. This will be bad time for father and brothers. The native may get unwanted transfer in his job. He may suffer wounds through sharp weapons. There will be mental agony. Basic cells, blood etc. in the body will become below normal level and the native may suffer many ills. The body loses its lustre and his appearance will be ugly, enemies may attack him and he suffers many difficulties.

l0. Transit results of Mars through tenth house from Moon Janam Rashi

All the efforts of the native fail and native will face many obstructions. He falls sick due to various reasons. He suffers much on account of his enemies. He may be attacked by sharp weapon. There will be theft of gold, jewels and other valuables. There will be endless difficulties. His character will get perverted and he spoils himself. Varaha Mihira gives both good and bad results for Mars in 10th. According to him due to some reason or the other,  he may have to go on foreign travel. Due to this, with his own effort and  hard work his endeavours will succeed. But the native may pick up enmity with others and start quarreling with them. Fire, machinery accidents may happen. Easy thing ends in misery only.

11.  Transit results of Mars through eleventh house from Moon in Janam  Rashi

Here Mars gives good results in abundance. The native will recover from sickness and his health will improve. There will  be new progress in life. Money will come from many sources. Financial status will improve. Clothing and jewellery will be added. New comforts will be enjoyed by him. All his efforts will succeed.  He will be happy and will have all recreations. There will be birth of child. He will buy landed property, new home. He  will  also get good income from agriculture. lf unmarried he  will  get  married. His life span will increase . He may have foreign trip. He may also gain from foreign and inland trade. Due to skill and outstanding character, he will gel all things done even if they are very odd and hard ones. He will command status. He will have comfortable and happy life. He will enjoy freedom without any restraints. He will get gold, jewels, money etc. His body now will be full of vigour.

12. Transit results of Mars through twelfth from Moon Janam Rashi

There will be unwanted and unplanned expenditure. He may have to go out of his home town or country on his job or business. But will suffer much in the new place. He will pick up quarrels with his wife and children. He will suffer bad health due to over heat. He may be trapped in some offence. There may be imprisonment also. He may be attacked by sharp weapons and suffer wound and cuts. He may slip and fall down and suffer fracture in leg and if not attended properly, he may also lose a limb.He will suffer blood contamination. He may meet with fire  and  vehicle accidents. He may be afflicted with  eye  trouble  and  may even lose an eye. He may also be afflicted with gastric and bilious diseases. His loan burden will mount up. There  will  be  poverty. There  will  be mental  worry  and  agony.  His vitality  will fall  down. He may have orgasm during dreams. He may suffer connected diseases. He will not have good sleep.