Transit results of mercury

1. Transit results of mercury through Janma Rasi

The native’s mind is drawn into confusion. There will be poverty and difficulties. He will be afflicted with bilious disease and eye trouble. He may develop enmity with his to borns, money gets spent on unwanted items. He may be accused for no fault of his own by others, fear of imprisonment etc. During travels he may suffer difficulties mid way where nobody will come to his rescue, His hard work will not be appreciated by boss, friend or any body. There will be failure in gaining knowledge, if he is a student. Enmity and quarrels will spring in the family. There will be bad and untimely food. He will fall prey to bad company, will oppose others and get bad reputation. Gold Jewels may be stolen. He will have aimless wanderings and suffer consequently.

2. Transit results of mercury through second house from Janma Rasi

Here also Mercury gives bad results. There will be humilation. loss of property and will suffer unreasonable accusations. He will get angry for no reason at all, will not adjust with others. Because of this, he will become enemy to others. He will spend much on the persuasion of prejudiced, tale teller and back biting men. Family peace will be lost. He will not have timely and tasty food.

3. Transit results of mercury through the third house from Janma Rasi

There will be agony due to harassment by enemies. Money gets spent wastefully and loss in everyway. He will serve others and his own efforts go waste. He will pick up enmity with his ct» boms, lose courage. He will have to go out of his home by force. There will be fear due to enmity from friends and Government. He will also become aggressive towards his friends and relatives. There will be theft of jewels (gold) and other valuables. He may suffer scandal, properties slip away from his possession. There will be fear of imprisonment. In all respects Mercury in 3rd from Moon sign gives bad results.

4. Transit results of mercury through fourth house from Janma Rasi

The native becomes clever and his intellect becomes sharp. He will get some wonderful suggestions and plans in his mind. He will have comforts, peace of mind, joy and he will succeed in getting education. His estranged relatives will support him. His capability will improve all round. But at this time, the health of father and mother may be at low profile. These men may get new vehicles. He will be respected and honoured. He turns to become a refined man of good character. He will have sexual pleasure. He will undertake many travels both in and out of the country and gains thereof. He will also go on business trips and earn well. He will obtain comforts by many means. His family will get additional income through him. He will become famous and will be happy in every way.

5. Transit results of mercury through fifth house from birth Janma Rasi

His wife will suffer from bad health, income will fall and poverty and scarcity will overtake. The native becomes lazy, will postpone important activities and leave them undone. He will be afflicted by many ills. Nobody will believe his words. The native earns the enmity due to his own negative actions. His maternal uncle will also suffer bad health. His children will also suffer due to some sickness, one may have to adopt a child. He will develop quarrels and enmity with his wife  and  children.  He  will not be able to enjoy with her beautiful wife due to lack  of  virility and health problem. He will be accused by others for  no fault  of him. There will be unsolved problems, difficulties and mistakes.

6. Transit results of mercury through sixth house from Janma Rasi

The native gets high standards of life in many  ways.  He  lives like a king gets many servants and attendants, new clothing and jewels etc. will be added to his possession. His maternal uncle svill prosper. The native may get employment in government.  But  he may not improve his knowledge. The native will be courageous in facing any situation in life and progress as a writer. He will get respect, fame and name among the public and success in all his endeavours. He will get public support. Income comes from many sources. He will get honorary titles, will be happy and gets mental satisfaction and peace. He will get momentos and rewards of valuable things.

7. Transit results of mercury through seventh house from Janma Rasi

He will not get the pleasure of sex from his wife and peace at home will be affected. Health of wife will go down. His very near relative may pass away. He may have to go according to his wife (henpecked). Both native and his partner may suffer bad  health. Both at home and outside there may be quarrels on petty matters. All will happen against the will of the native. He will not get timely meals, even that will be rotten and sub-standard. His paternal relatives will deceive him. His partners also will give him  trouble and deceive him. Others will misunderstand the native. As a result, there will be many troubles. The gesture of his body will be dull and he will not be happy. He will have bad temptations mean sexual pleasure and other wishes. All will go wrong for him.

8. Transit results of mercury through eighth house from Janma Rasi

Native will have high standard of life in many ways. There will be birth of children, mental peace and all comforts. He goes on pilgrimage and also travel far and wide. I ie will get timely and delicious food. He regains his health. His appearance will attract others with new trust and personality trait. He may get government job or may get help from the government, may  become  V.IP.  He will gain money from his properties and real estates 3nd from many sources. Others will help him. Due to this, his intellect and capability will increase. He may get new home according  to choice.  He  will get job and promotion, new clothings, jewels etc. He may gain instant money from share market. He may also gain from his children. The joy and happiness in the family and home will improve and grow. He will succeed in anything he lays hand on. His intellectual power will grow.

9. Transit results of mercury through ninth from Janma Rasi

Native’s discriminating power will fall. He will lose his capability and rational application of mind. All his savings will be spent leading to poverty. He may get skin diseases. He will be facing many difficulties through his enemies. All his endeavours and pursuits will fail. He may be accused by others for no fault of his. His effort and labour will increase with less gain. Everybody will take help from the native and deceive him and harm him. He will indulge in action, projects that are fruitless and unproductive. His body will lose strength and get tired easily. He will have to undertake aimless travels.

10. Transit results of Mercury through tenth house from Janma Rasi

The native gets status, positions, wins over his enemies and gains from his effort. He will get servants and attendants, go on pleasure trips. He gels married. He will engage himself in spiritual  acts, temple work etc. His endeavours  succeed  by  his  earnest  prayers and faith in god. He becomes follower of orthodox disciplines. He does all work in a systematic and straight forward way. He becomes adept in mathematical subjects. Money comes from  many sources. He progresses more in profession of audit and the like. He is very happy and gets the money even from his enemies. His capability grow. He may get house through his life. His name and fame spreads. His managerial skill is appreciated by all and he may be mostly in north during this period.

11. Transit results of Mercury through eleventh house from Janma Rasi

Native will have all good things, pleasures, comforts and luxuries. Health of the native will improve and his name and fame will spread. His relationship with friends and relatives will become more cordial and his financial status will also improve. Persons engaged in auditing, accounting professions will carry good money. the native will command good respect in the society. He will have servants and attendants. He will undertake both inland and foreign travels. The native gets money even more than anticipated from many sources. There will be birth of child. He will get the maximum pleasure from his wife. He will also earn much through eloquence of his speech (lovers will earn well). He will possess cattle, dairy etc. Whatever the native wants will come to him. He will engage in recreations, entertainments etc. and will enjoy peace of mind. He will have new friends and will gain from them. He will get good news from foreign and far off places.

12. Transit results of Mercury through twelfth from Janma Rasi

There will be over expenditure without any control. He will not get timely and lastly food. Though he has many friends,  nobody will be helping him. He may have parlystic attack, joint pain and fracture of leg etc. He may get punishment due to other people’s faults. He may stand surety for loans of his known friends, who  may deceive him and he may have to pay the same. He will borrow and do business which will result in loss. He may earn the displeasure of government. He will have expenses on account of auspicious celebrations as well as on lnauspicious heads (death etc.). He will meet with humiliation from his enemies and suffer mental agony on account of it. He will not have marital happiness at home and will have quarrels with wife and no work will be carried out correctly. native has to work hard even for small things. There will be aimless wanderings.