Transit results of moon

1.  Transit results of Moon in Janma Rashi

Here Moon gives good results in all respects. All comforts will be enjoyed. Good for progeny, favorable for learning Tantra and Mantra. The native will get good conveyance. He will have relationship with elders of high status. He may get promotion and instant Raja Yoga as per the inherent features of original chart. There will be satisfaction, happiness, lustre of thy body will improve. There may be short travels. He will get chances of learning ancient literature and Shastras. He will have eloquence of speech and sharpness of intellect. Good fortune will smile on him. He will enjoy timely and delicious food, perfumes and other luxurious things. Native gets satisfaction in family Me in all respects including sexual pleasure. He will get new clothing, jewellery etc.

2. Transit results of Moon through Second house

There will be neither timely nor good food. Income, family comforts and peace of mind all gets reduced. Wife and children may suffer from illness. There shall be fear of imprisonment and many kinds of miseries due to forced death of a pregnant woman in the family. There will be sorrow and suffering in the family. The native will meet with failures in all his endeavours and mental happiness will get reduced. There will be unwanted expenditure. The native may fail in examination etc. He may suffer humiliation. There will be unwanted fears. The body will get tired. The native will develop enmity without any reason. Eyes may  get  afflicted. But it is to be noted that these sufferings will be only for a short period.

3.  Transit results of Moon through third house from himself

There will be mental peace, happiness, comforts and satisfaction from all sides. There may be a child birth. Clothings and jewelleries will be added. Native w’ill have attachment with his children. His mind will be clever and keen. He will develop  self-confidence to face the life. Wife will cooperate with him. The native will enjoy sex pleasure. Brothers will have some progress. All endeavours will be successful. Money will come from many sources. Native will have new friends, become courageous and will develop a new confidence and meaning in life.

4. Transit results of Moon through fourth house

There will be no peace at home. There will be lack of comforts and mental peace. There will be theft, stomach pain, dysentery and digestive disorders to the body. This will be a bad period for mother. She may suffer bad health. There will be fear and mental agony. Money will be wasted. There will be poverty. All work and endeavours will suffer impediment. There will be fear of drowning.

5. Transit results of Moon through fifth house

Children will suffer due to some sickness or the other. The wife may suffer abortion. However capable and skilful one may be,  at last the native will be declared as ‘fool’. Worries will grow, misery and suffering will mount up. Mind will suffer due to worries. Native will develop enmity with others and may reach to the low level of living. Native’s mind will suffer shocks. During  travel  there may  be obstructions and accident. There will be wasteful expenditure. Native will suffer from digestive trouble. There may b0 IOSS of status. Some precious belonging of the native may be stolen away.

6. Transit results of Moon through sixth house from himself

Here Moon gives benefic results. Enemies will come to  terms. He will feel all round improvement. There will be comforts during travel. When Moon is in Krishna Paksha (Waning) money will come; Friends will help; whatever the native wants, it will be achieved.Fame and name will spread. The native may have liaison with new females and happiness and pleasure through them. The native may get his own house.

7. Transit results of Moon through seventh house

Here moon gives happiness and pleasure from different sourcess. The native will get knowledge in ancient sciences and sastras.There will be timely delicious food. He will derive comforts through vehicles and money will come from many sources. Status will go up and his name  will  be  among  VIPs.  The  native may have the pleasure of the company of lady. His efforts will succeed due to his sweet speech and correct  approach.There will be gain from the Government. Relatives will help him. New clothing and jewellery will be added to him. There will be help through wife.

8.  Transit results of Moon through eighth house

Here Moon is most malefic and called by special name of Chandhrashtama. The native may suffer from piles, cough, bad health etc, The native may involve in theft, litigation and may have to suffer punishment. He will be thinking of evil about others. But due to his own rough attitude, he has to face many hardships. He will not follow right path. He may not have facility of conveyance in time. Due to mischievous behaviour of wife, he will earn the enmity of his relatives. All things happen against his own will. He will suffer sudden mental agony and fear of Maraka Dasa. If Sadhe sati coincides with completion of judged life span, even death may occur. There may be digestive disorders. He will pick up petty quarrels with others. If Rahu is ill placed in the chart, he may also suffer snake bite.

9. Transit results of Moon through ninth house

According to Sanskrit texts Moon is bad here. But Tamil texts says that Moon gives good results. There will be good results in all respects. Future is better. Native has faith in spirituality and God will give the native self-confidence. If wife becomes pregnant during these days or there will be child birth. The native will have temptation towards sex. Fame and name will spread. Man will engage himself in services of temples and spiritual centres. Life will have better turns, comforts, happiness, pleasure trips, all will be enjoyed.

10. Transit results of Moon through tenth house

Here Moon gives benefic results. All efforts will succeed. There will be help from government, VIPs etc. The native will have new job opportunities. Native will learn  Mantra, Tantra arid Shastras. He will have new ideas and self confidence. He will maintain good health and will be courageous. His intellect will be sharp. Opportunities of progress will spontaneously arise. He may undertake pilgrimages. He will engage in good acts. His wants will be fulfilled. He may get status of ordering others and respect and honour will increase. But the native earns the enmity of others. In the end all difficulties will disappear. Health will improve, generally Moon is good in tenth from Janma Rashi.

11. Transit results of moon

When Moon passes through  eleventh from Janma  Rashi During waxing Moon, the native is in more contact with relatives and gets help from them. There will be monetary gain, life will be full of comforts and happiness etc.  During waning Moon,  the native learns mathematics, he will have servants and Attendants. He gets success in efforts. These may have mental worry with regard to his maternal relatives. But he will get friendship with persons  from outside his circle.

12.Transit results of Moon through twelfth house

Mental peace will be disturbed and native will be very much uneasy. The native has to leave home. There  will be unnecessary and unwanted expenditure. There will be expenses through women. There will be loss of money in many ways. There will be no timely food and that too of bad quality. Money will be spent in bad ways. Due to short temper, he will earn enmity and engage in quarrels. Even mind will become dull. He will become lazy. He svill be pushed down to lower level of standards in life. He will be jealous of others. There will be difficulty from many sources. He will quarrel with relatives and friends. There may be some mourning. He may have to wander aimlessly.