Transit results of rahu

1 . Transit results of Rahu through Janma Rasi

There will be unsolved difficulties  and  problems.  There  will be losses, many undiagnosable diseases befitting Rahu may occur. But since sickness will not be deciphered, no treatment may be possible and this aspect will become a mater of serious mental worry. The native may suffer black  magic since  Rahu  is karak for  it. The period will also be bad for parents.

2. Transit results of Rahu through second house from Janma Rasi

The hard earned savings will be spent without any control or proper thinking. Expenditure will go up with less or  no  income. The native may have to suffer food poisoning  and  may  lose courage and self confidence. Many diseases of indigestion will ruin the health. There will be confusion and quarrel in the family. Foul plays will be set up to put down the native. There may be scandal due to a widow. This ss’ill be bad time for wife and children. They may also suffer from some sickness or other.

3. Transit results of Rahu through third house from Janma Rasi

This will be good time. All good things will happen and the native enjoys all comforts and luxuries in many ways. Money will come from many sources and income v’ill increase. The native becomes courageous to face any problem. The virility of the native will increase. He may have sex pleasure  with  ladies  outside married life, particularly from widows. Native  will  enjoy  timely and delicious food and brothers and sisters will  help  the  native. Wife and children will recover from ill health. He will also receive the none of his enemies.

4. Transit results of Rahu through fourth from Janma Rasi

Here Rahu gives bad results. The native will be afflicted by many diseases and his health suffers. The native will suffer many difficulties at the hands of his enemies . The native may have to mourn the loss of some near relative or friend. He will develop enmity with others. The mother of the  native  may  suffer  from some illness. He may meet with vehicular accidents. He may suffer and have some losses during travel. He will have sleepless nights. His wife and children may also suffer from sickness. Native’s education will be interrupted. The ma tive may lose his  home, landed property etc.

5. Transit results of Rahu through fifth house from Janma Rasi

Here also Rahu gives bad results. Native’s financial status worsens . There will be unwanted and over expenditure.  He may lose one of his children or the children in general  will  be afflicted by some disease. His mind gets confused. He loses the power of discrimination. Due to improper thinking all statistics will be carried out quite opposite to the method they should have been carried out. There may be danger to life of one  or  both  parents. Wife will also suffer bad health. Whatever readings are given for Saturn in 5th house, the same malefic results may happen to the native here also. On the whole, Rahu gives bad results here. He is also said to give Puthra Dosha to the native.

6. Transit results of Rahu through sixth house from Janma Rasi

Here Rahu gives good results. Native gets money from many sources. He gets relieved of all difficulties and feels free and comfortable. In addition to own income, he will  get  money  from his opponents also. Enemies will be subdued and the native  will have the upper hand. All his diseases will be cured and he regains sound health. He gets acquaintance of fl lady speaking other  than the language of his own, and he gets pleasure and  peace  of mind and intelligence. He commands respect and honour at  his  own place. He will gain from his maternal uncle

7. Transit results of Rahu through seventh from Janma Rasi

He loses his self respect. His reputation falls and is humiliated. He becomes enemy  to  others  due  to  his  argumentative  nature and suffers many ordeals and difficulties as a consequence. His relatives and friends  leave  him.  His  wife’s  health  worsens.  Due to liaison with some wicked woman, he  is  trapped  in  a  scandal and his health also suffers. He is forcibly pushed out of his home town or country. He suffers also  in  foreign  land.  His  properties get destroyed or slip away from him. Some of these people are afflicted by venereal diseases. The native enters  into quarrel  with his wife.

8. Transit results of Rahu through eighth house from Janma Rasi

The native suffers in all aspects of his life. lf judged life span coincides with maraka  period  there  will be danger  to  life.  If 3rd or 4th round of 7 K years Saturn also runs the native  may  pass away. He is afflicted by many  undiagonisable diseases  and  there is complex of fear in his mind even for petty matters. He may get disease in his private organ. Due  to conspiracy  of  others,  he fails in his endeavours and loses property and in whatever efforts he undertakes, all will fail. His business and profession get greatly affected resulting in losses. There may be theft of jewels flout home.

9. Transit results of Rahu through ninth house fro m Janma Rasi

Saved money will be spent on unwanted causing scarcity of money. He will have to embrace poverty. None  of his efforts will succeed. His friends and people well known to him will forsake him. Due to bad and wicked minded friends he invites miseries and gets into trouble. His mind will indulge in sinful acts only. He may resort to practice the discipline and code of religions other than his own. His mind will not  engage  in  good  and righteous deeds. This will be bad time for brothers, father and mother. He may practice black magic. On the whole, the period  is not good for these people.

10. Transit results of Rahu through tenth house from Janma Rasi

According to some texts bad  results  are  given  for  Rahu  in 10th. But Tamil texts in this context state that if some other planet or p1anet(s) is/are there in the 1 Oth, the results will  be  mixed. This reflects the idea that along with bad results, good results can also be expected. According to Tamil texts, there will be  peaceful and happy life. But properties Will go out from hands. The support given by  government  will  be  withdrawn.  There  will  be  transfer to unwanted place. The native will suffer from black magic. If Maraka Dasa coincides, there will be danger to life. He may  also have to do post funeral rites to his parents  (10th Rahu  gives  what is called Karma Dasa). There will be  confusion  in  all  spheres  of life. The native may quarrel with his wife. He will not have timely food. His sleep gets  spoiled  due  to  worries.  He  will  not  have clear   mind   and   capacity    to    make    any    decision.    His memory weakens. As such we can come to the conclusion that according to Tamil texts all bad results will happen, during the second half.

11. Transit results of Rahu through eleventh from Janma Rasi

Here Rahu gives good results. Timely good food with sweets. will be available and money will come from  many  sources.  Wife will be cured of her ill health. Her look will have a new glow and attraction. Children’s health also improves and will  be  cheerful. New jewels will be added. The native will command respect and honour in the society. He  develops  faith  and  spiritual  devotion and gets providential help. Other’s money  also  will  come  to him. He may get income from abroad through sea voyage and through water ways of rivers in business. In many ways Rahu in llth from Janma Rasi gives very good results.

12. Transit results of Rahu through twelfth house from Janma Rasi

The native loses money in many ways. There will be heavy expenditure and less income. There will be many difficulties, sorrows and miseries. Wife will have bad  time and suffers  from ill health. Due to this, the sex life of the native gets disturbed and he is always worried and spends sleepless nights. His landed and house properties will slip away  from  hand. He may be affected  by some kind of peculiar disease, which will be undiagnosable. His one or both legs may get fractured. He will start his work in some way and will finish it quite against the planned pattern and may result in failure.