1.         TRANSIT RESULTS OF Sun is In Janma Rasi

There will be bad dreams, headache. The native may have to leave his home. Diseases due to over heat, stomach pain etc. will come. Itches and other skin diseases will afflict the native. Due to bad temper the native will breed enmity with everybody.  There will be facial disease and excess bilious trouble. The native may get very much tired and resdess. The native may surffer from heart desease, there may be sorrow and pain. The native may quarrel with his wife or he may get separated from her for the time being due to some scandal in the marriage. The native may get humiliated by something or the other. The native will have untimely meals.

2.         TRANSIT RESULTS OF Sun in second house from Moon

There may be eye afflication, headache, difference of opinion with wife and temporary separation from her due to bad temper. The native may pick up enmity with many. There may be loss of cattle belonging to the native. Native’s may has’e sharp tongue, and bad temper. Native’s money will get spent due to punishment by Government etc, (fine). He becomes greedy. Effort and labour may be fruitless. He may pick up friendship with bad and wicked people. May suffer loss in agriculture and business and theft of valuables. The native becomes very adamant.

3.         Sun in third house from Moon

Money comes in and native becomes charitable. He wins over his opponents.Childless ladies wi‹l become pregnant.  All discomfn is disappear and long standing illness will get cured. He will get married to the girl of liking. There will be honour, name and fame. He will win over arguments. But there may be enmity with one’s’own children. Brothers may suffer. The man becomes more clever to make correct decisions etc. and more courageous. Much improvement in all aspects of life. Some may become judges

People will get transfer of jobs to the place of their liking. Others will become friends to the native. There will be difficulties as well as comforts through the children.

4.         Sun in fourth house from Moon

There will be no peace of mind at home. The native may have to leave home either due to his own wish or on compulsion. There may be difference of opinion and quarrels between husband and wife. The native may be indecisive and may have conflict with relatives, friends and others. The women folk in home will suffer from some sickness or other. The native may meet with some accidents and may lose limb as a result. There will be loss of money food, agriculture, . land or house p ropcrty. There will be impediments and disturbances in getting sexual pleasure. Man may suffer from blood fever, bodily pain and mental worries. There may be disputes at home. Comfort and sleep will get spoiled.

5.         Sun In fifth house from Moon

Here also Sun is bad. There will be bad dreams and unsteady fftiftd . The native may get affected by mental diseases like hysteria. The children go against the native. There will be much longing for sexual pleasure, which may not be fulfilled. Health of wife may get spoiled and father may also suffer. Native may feel mental agony, enmity with others and relatives will not help. Desires remain unfulfilled. Native gets afflicted by many health troubles. There may be humiliation and sufferings due to unsettled mind. Sun is said to be worst in 5th from Moon. The ancient Tamil texts say that there may be imprisonment, many diseases, mental agony. If Dasa Bukthi indicates maraka there may be even fear of death.

6.         Sun in sixth house from Moon

This is good period for men. There will be victory over enemies. Improvement of financial status rise, of bank account and recover . of loans given to others. Long standing sickness will be cured. There may be birth of child. The native may have desire for spiritual elevation. There may be gain through Government and agriculture as well as rise in pay or promotion in job. Native will have good food, comforts and luxuries. There may be long travels and also gain and favour from such travels. Worries and difficulties will disappear. Those endeavours left half and considered impossible, will be achieved and get completed. There will  be  mental  peace and a confidence in the native. Fame, name, and respect will increase.

7.  Sun in seventh house from Moon

Delay in marriage, liking for other ladies and quarrel with wife. Delayes and impediments in everything. Stomach pain, itches, skin diseases will afflict the native. The mind will be involved in negative thinking. The man may be forced to go out of home on compulsion. Digestive troubles, stomach pain, itches, skin disease, dysentery – like diseases may spoil the health. Men get tired easily, and may have food poisoning. Native will be subjected to humiliation and may take aimless travels, resulting in unncessary expenditure. There can be loss in business. Those in jobs may suffer punishment and demotion.

  • Sun in eighth house from Moon

All work get delayed and native may be driven out of home every often. There is danger to life and native may turn wicked. There may be head and eye diseases and headache. Children may suffer. Sun in 8th gives Putra dosha (lack of progeny). Income will get reduced. Family will suffer and cattle may be lost. Native may have anxiety, conflict and enemity with others. There may be fine, punishment etc. from government. There will be quarrel and fight between husband and wife. Some near relative  may  pass  away. The man may be forced to take part in funerals and post death rituals. The native suffers for his past deeds. Cough like diseases may affect the health, Man may suffer due to Sun stroke etc.

  1. Sun in ninth house from Moon

The native develops enmity with father. Father gets afflicted with sickness and passes through bad time. Obstruction and impediments in all endeavours. The native develops enmity and aggression with elder s, priests and those in higher status. He becomes stubborn and egoi stic. There may be unexpected accidents. Money saved will get spent  quickly  leading  to poverty.  Problems in getting properties, loss of status and honour in the society and native will suffer humiliation. The bodily lusture will be lost. The native’s friends and relatives go against him.

I0. Sun in tenth house from Moon

Here Sun is very good. The native’s financial staus improves Native becomes intellectually more sharp and succeeds in education and studies. He will have faith in spiritual aspdćt and God. He will have charitable attitude and gets vehicles. He will have fame and name. Natives earning capacity increases and he will donate, build temples, dig ponds etc. All round success, gains from men and cattle, comfort in the family will increase. New jewels, money, dress etc, will be added to his family. He gets support from VIPs in Govemment. He will be very happy and gets help from his friends relatives etc.

I I . Sun in eleventh house from Moon

The native gets income from many sources and will be sympathetic towards others wins over his enemies, becomes charitable. Long worrying problems get solved and will have peace, comforts and happiness in the family and home. He gains from Go›’emmcnt. He gets new high class vehicles and gains through eloquent speech. There will be a fortunate rum in life and he will get new status, promotion in job, honour and fame. His sickness is cured and he achieves perfect health. He will have delicious food at home and outside. His endeavour will succeed through the help of elders and VIPs. Happy and auspicious occasions and ceremonies etc, will be celebrated at home. In 11th Sun gives good health.

1   Sun in twelfth house from Moon

Here Sun gives bad results. The native becomes antagonistic and aggressive towards his wife. He gets wounded in legs, develops itches, skin diseases, chest pain, stomach ache, fever etc. He may be driven out of home or country under compulsion and will incur unwanted expenditure. The father of the native may suffer bad health and difficulties. He indulges in unethical behaviour and mean acts. He develops enemity with friends and relatives. His charitable tendency increases and he endeavours to do good things.