Unusual Delivery remedies

Now I will describe you about inauspicious and unusual delivery by women, which are ominous for the village, town and the country as well. Delivery of a child 2, 3, or 4 months earlier, or later from the approximate due date. Delivery of a child without hands, feet, or any other limbs, without head, or with two heads. Delivery of an animalshaped being by a woman, or a human-shaped being by an animal. Therefore remedial measures are essential for obtaining relief from their evil effects.

Remedies from Unusual Delivery

  • If a cow delivers, when Surya is in Simh, or a female buffalo delivers
  • when Surya is in Makar, they are disasterous to their owner and the person
  • Therefore either such cow, or buffalo should be given away to a Brahmin
  • whenever there is any kind of Aristha
  • adoption of appropriate remedial measures will ensure
  • long life
  • happiness
  • prosperity for the person
  • concerned.