Upa Pad

  1. Upa Pad, the auspiciousness of which will confer on the native
  2. happiness from progeny
  3. happiness from spouse.
  4. an ascetic
  5. go without a wife.
  • Effect from the 2nd from Upa Pad. If the 2nd from Upa Pad is a benefic Rashi, or receives a Drishti from, or is yuti with a benefic,
  • good results will come
  • destruction of wife.
  • Many  wives.
  • charming and virtuous wives.
  • Wife from the 2nd of Upa Pad . If a Grah being constant indicator of wife  is in its own Bhava,
  • loss of wife at a later stage.
  • wife will be beautiful, fortunate and virtuous.
  • wife will be troubled by disorder of blood,
  • no son at all,
  • son will come in adoption.

if Simh happens to be Upa Pad and receives a Drishti from Candra, there will be a

  • limited number of children.
  • many daughters.

Rahu and shani in the 3rd, or the 11th from Lagna Pad there will be a

  • destruction of elder brothers and/or sisters
  • abortion to the mother
  • be spared,
  • abundant happiness from ones sisters.

If the 6th from Lagna Pad is occupied by a malefic and is bereft of a Yuti with, or a Drishti from a benefic, the native will be

  • a thief.
  • endowed with spiritual knowledge
  • very fortunate.
  • intelligent.
  • long and projected teeth.
  • look ugly.