Varga Charts

Till now you knew that you have a Birth chart with one ascendant. But you have 16 Varga charts. What are they 16 ascendants? And how are we going to study them? What is an ascendant? What exactly is an ascendant in English? We call this in Sanskrit “lagna”.  Lagna is like something that holds you something by which you are in like a horse. You put a rein on a horse.

The lagna is that which is plugging in you into the system. It’s a head chakra it is it is that which is holding the head chakra actually the top chakra Brahma chakra. This one is freeing you this is holding you and guiding you based upon your intelligence. It will guide you. So the intelligence is looking from this. So you see old Orthodox brahmins, they leave this here. They’re going to drop the hair and they tie it and put a offer a flower over here every day to the guru in the morning. If you take a flower and say “Om Gurve namah” and touch this part. It will touch the feet of your Guru. Wherever you are in the world, somebody was talking about connection. 
This is the connection right here. Where are you looking? 

Fortunate is the man who has a got a Guru.

The ascendant in each of these 16 Varga chart tells how my brain is functioning vis-a-vis the Birth chart. That aspect of life that means life has got 16 aspects. Like for example, there is something called a spouse relationship something called children and children relationship work work relationships parent Elders elderly relationship. Through our parents. We know our grandparents if we didn’t have parents. We don’t even know our grandparents like that parents and grandparents relationships our cities. What is it is spiritual learning as well as material learning. That’s a separate chart for that.

There is a chart for properties, which is Fortune. There is a separate chart for siblings. There is a separate chart for wealth. There is a separate chart for all the luxuries and Comforts that we like and we don’t like whether we are luxurious or not. What is the manager? There are 3 important charts regarding past Karma’s and these are past Karma of my mother that will come to me that I have to take past Karma of my father and the father’s lineage that I have to take and my own past life Karma’s that I have to take. I as a human being cannot escape the past Karma’s of utterance. They would say the same spiritual path as we are right now. We’re that alleviate some of those they don’t have to be in our path one. If they are on a spiritual path. They elevate some of their Karma’s which automatically helps us. If they are doing more and more Bad Karma, we are getting more and more binded.

So there is no way that we can fully dissociate hundred percent with everything around us. We may physically run away from a relationship, but in the cosmos, you can’t actually run you are not running away from anything.

So the question the advantage of this knowledge is how to deal with the problem.

What can we do to solve the problem if there is a problem that is existing in the relationship? Many of us have spousal relationships problems and we think that we have run away. Okay, we have broken the marriage. The problem is over. No, it’s not over. You have created Karma that you need to burn out. it is true. Just because you got a divorce doesn’t mean it’s over.

So you may have created a baby is the karma. Then how is it over? So each of these charts actually tells us how to deal with it. What we need to do to get over the karma. That is the real purpose. That is the spiritual purpose of this charts.

Also, we don’t have in this Karma’s will manifest positively when they will manifest negatively. There is a way to find out which of these aspects of my life are going to be good and I can enjoy them and which will not be good and I cannot enjoy them. Everybody is not destined to enjoy beautiful children. Some may have beautiful children. Maybe somebody else’s child. They will adopt in half. It is just a question of how to deal with the karma. Then we learn the 16 divisions. You will realize that gemstones are not just limited to the Rishi chart. We can use gemstones to heal other aspects of life. Also, we can use gemstones to heal relationships. We can use gemstones to heal children.

So this knowledge is what is giving us all these aspects and indications. The connection is important. How are we connecting? How can I get a hold of things? You know, sometimes you feel I don’t have a grip on life. Woman are forever struggling…. “My spouse doesn’t listen to me” It’s true.

How many times have I heard ladies tell me I married him. I was sure he will change because he loved me so much.He hasn’t even changed his toothbrush. What will he change on it? Right.

So the question is It was an illusion. The whole thing was an illusion you assume things which are not right to assume and therefore you suffer because of the illusion that you expected. Then what happens you become a bit adamant and he becomes a bit Adamant and then yes. No. Yes. No that thing starts happening. And you say my relationship is passing through a bad time. And so we need counseling question is Have you ever sat back and thought what do I need to do to get a hold that means to understand unless you understand what is happening. Even if you go to a counselor the counselor can’t help you because you’re not willing to listen. You may be sitting there. The councilor could be spending hours trying trying struggling painfully noting down. Oh my God. It’s such a tough job. You know, I’m right it’s a tough job. It’s a very tough job because the human brain is very stubborn. That is why he is a human being.

Among all the creatures the human beings are the most stubborn creatures. That’s why the rule the planet. Otherwise you can’t rule the planet that the soil once can have a rule.

So knowing this thing about the human birth, we need to understand in what way our brain is functioning. What is helping us to understand or is there suffering destined in an aspect of life?

Jyotish has a definite clear-cut answer to that.