Vedic Tithi relevance

Let us understand the deities / Devata ruling the various Vedic Tithis (dates) . The energy and vibrations of the Tithis are encoded into the lordship of the Deities. e.g Purnima is governed by Naga’s which means such natives born on this date are secretive in relationships.

5 classfications of Tithis

  1. Jala Tithi (Rikta) – High emotional need. These are rikta Tithis.
  2. Prthivi Tithis (Bhadra)- Long lasting relationship need.
  3. Vayu tithi (Poorna) – This will create unstable relationships. need is stable relationship.
  4. Agni Tithi- (Nanda) These burn up the relationships.
  5. Akash Tithi (Jaya)- These Tithis Protect relationships.


Pratipada Tithi like new birth when chandrama is coming out of total burning from the Sun (after amavasya) or coming out of total light (When poornima is there). In both cases this is a new birth or new swarupa. Surya rules this Tithi and hence the relationships of the person may suffer who is born on this tithi as the ruler of this Tithi is agni tattva. Agni is the deity of this Tithi.

This Tithi is Vridhi prada. The following works are carried out during this Tithi.

  •  marriage;
  • house, entering into a house; 
  • Pratishta (fame, honor);
  • shaving; 
  • Samskaras like Seemantha,
  • tonsure, 
  • Upanayana;
  • peaceful & developmental works;
  • farming;
  • intoxicant & medicine making;
  • oiling;
  • bed;
  • sitting items (Aassan),
  • stone work,
  • cutting of trees,
  • sculpture, 
  • Alankar (ornament & decoration works).

Make offerings to Agni on this tithi. Do Havan and invoke God of agni to seek blessings .

Dwitiya or second tithi is like sustenance. This tithi is ruled by chandrama and hence people born on this tithi will have sustenance in relationships. This Tithi is ruled by agni Deva. This is mangala-prada Tithi.

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