Venus and Mars

Mars is fire while Venus has airy quality. For some Venus and Mars conjunction works in sync like a hot air balloon but slight affliction or placement in adverse house can turn things sour. Those with Mars conjunct Venus in their horoscope get average outcomes in life. Such people enjoy an envious social position and are usually lionized. They turn out to be the favorite of the crowd wherever they go. They are wise and intellectual, have a great command over fields such as commerce, math, and engineering. Venus and Mars are crucial elements governing your relationships. Mars represents individuality whereas Venus represents love and relationship. A combination of these two planets makes your relationship a bit messy. Their energies together make a person impulsive, sensual, passionate, and lively. Individuality and freedom are as important to them as being in love.
Characteristics of the natives of Venus and Mars
The native of Venus and Mars is self-centered and drawn towards sensuality and carnal passions.
Native may indulge in affairs out of wedlock.
The natal chart means you are a natural born charmer who knows how to deal with the public.
It has deep effects on the relationships of natives with this placement, but this doesn’t mean their passion won’t be felt in other aspects of their life.
They seem to possess a lot of sexual magnetism that’s bringing them many bed partners, whenever they’re feeling like the native is egotistical and is drawn towards arousing quality and lustful interests.
Effects of Venus and Mars
They will have to face constant failure in his life.
Their relationship with his son will not be fruitful and his son will be valourous.
The impact of the conjunction is not advantageous and comes with many problems like the person will be sickly and will have disprespectful habits like untruthful.
They will be of a spiritual personality with strong beliefs and will be faithful and loyal. Additionally, they will be an avid traveler and will especially love traveling for pilgrimage.
They will have a rich family heritage. Their mother will also have a wealthy family background.
Additionally, they will not face any problem with regards to finance in his life.