Venus and Mercury

Venus and Mercury is a positive combination because both the planets are friendly towards each other, are benefic and suggest artistic inclination. Such a conjunction makes the person very gracious and gorgeous. These
natives like to keep themselves well dressed. Their expression and articulation is exceptional, in both spoken and written form. They have a great power of persuasion, eloquence, and the art of diplomacy.
When Venus conjoins with Mercury in a horoscope, it brings ample opportunities of growth in terms of finance and career. Native tends to enjoy a positive financial standing.
Characteristics of the natives of Venus and Mercury
The natives of Venus and Mercury conjunction will always be well-dressed. The way they express and articulate themselves is exceptionally good.
It holds true for both written and spoken forms of expression. They can rise very high if they are able to use their abilities in the best manner.
They should not just develop their skills but also see to it that they are used in the right direction and with the right intensity as per Venus Mercury conjunction Vedic astrology.
Besides, they have a very good ability to persuade and know the art of diplomacy. They are quite eloquent in their way of talking and also are quite articulate.
The natives will get ample growth opportunities in career and finance. The natives usually enjoy a strong financial position.
Effects of Venus and Mercury
Both the planets are friends to each other and hence this conjunction is good. Males & females with Conjunction of Venus and Mercury will be charming and vibrant personality, well-mannered, polite and sweet spoken as well. They have a true appreciation for the arts, and strive to achieve balance and harmony in your social relationships, it can make native gay, lesbian, homosexual or may have much feminine trait in actions and behaviors. These people will be favored & loved by the opposite sex and enjoys much support and company with them.