Venus and Shukra

When the flaming masculine energy and the feminine and airy energy of Venus and Shukra meet, the force that forms is balanced. The understanding of Venus and Shukra is much like husband and wife, providing a benefic cover to the native.
Venus and Shukra in a house is thought to be highly auspicious in Vedic Astrology. People having this conjunction are often religious and intellectual. Since both planets are karaka of wealth, natives with
this conjunction tend to be rich. Their source of livelihood is often a respectable profession. Moreover, such people get equally righteous and loyal partner too.
Characteristics of the natives of Venus and Shukra
Such a native is skilled in many arts and subjects. And these skills help them reach a better financial status too.
Native tends to be physically attractive. They are blessed with the comfort and love of friends as well as a supportive partner.
Venus and Shukra can make the person suffer in terms of health and wealth due to overly sensual nature, miscarriage, theft or flattery
They have a greater than average need to grow in their love relationships, and to shower their partners with acceptance and warmth.
They have a strong need for growth, good humor, and fun in their relationships.
Effects of Venus and Shukra
They are blessed with the comfort and love of friends as well as a supportive partner conjunction work in the favour of the individual, there are individual, there are some downsides to this horoscope condition.
Their love life will flourish to its finest state under this conjuction
will never have any struggles for money.
The stand you will finally take will depend on the nature of karmic balance you have.
They will oscillate between self-control and extravagance.
Most wonderful things of life are automatically attracted to wards you since this is the time to enjoy the effects of the good karma you did in the past.