Virgo , kanya horoscope

Kanya Rashi, much like its symbol and name is feminine, lady-like, graceful and duty-bound. The 6th Sign of the Hindu Zodiac, Kanya is also a meticulous perfectionist. The sign is ruled by the nurturing, orderly and rule-abiding Virgin. The energy of the sign inherits a pure and discriminating nature and also focuses on control.


 They are very talkative in nature

 They are tall with a slander body.

 Curved and hairly eyebrows

 Straight nose, a pronounced forehead

 They have a pale skin complexion, high forehead, beautiful eyes, and a sensitive mouth.

 The split at the end of the nose, a gap in the front teeth and cheek pouches mark them out.

 They walk quickly and they seldom have a pot belly.

Virgo is the natural sixth house of the zodiac, thus it naturally rules overall health. It rules the digestive process. Virgo has co-rulership of the liver along with the planet Jupiter.

They specializes in service, imbalance-seeking-a-remedy, disagreement, medical treatment, remedial strategies, argumentation, and the virginal state.

 They are ambitious for wealth, are conservative in nature.

 They may not exactly be an extrovert, but they are good at making new contacts.

 The natives are blessed with the ability to take in a wealth of information and pick out only what’s important and useful.

 Kanya Rasi people are susceptible to anxiety, allergies and respiratory problems.

 They can be obsessive worriers which is a sure shot way to psychosomatic disorders.

 Avoid Alcohol and use vegetarian and balanced diet.

 This also acts as an automatic defense mechanism against obesity, and its attendant problems.

Variety of undertow which dissolves the identity or affiliates the Uttaraphalguni native with enclosed, distant, secluded or invisible environments such as a bedroom or sanctuary. Kanya often forms a friendly, community-based relationship with one’s parents and former schoolteachers , by remaining within the network of those who share the customary habits of one’s childhood . A friend to the farmer and landsman, thus generally a good neighbor within the community of property-owners.

Profession in Math, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Research, Medical, Architecture, Investment, and Stock Market may prove to be a good career choice.​

 They will do well in careers which is of of some service to others.

 They rather prefer to be the kingmaker rather than be the king himself.

Virgo born persons should not be so sensitive critical,conversationalist and chatty. Avoid too much calculating and in detail finding nature. Fault finding habit be avoided. They should have self confidence and avoid nature of changes

 They are excellent managers, and may even ruthlessly ensure that the work is done well.

 They love to be perfect.

 They are much actively in action orientation .

 They are full of thoughts and more creative than others.

 They love to read books they are knowledgeable.