Now i will narrate what Maharishi Parasara sMaharishi has said in his magnum opus Brhat Parasara Hora Shastra.

Parasara says

The above combination states that if Venus or Shukra sign of Taurus or vrishbha or seventh sign of Libra of Tula appears in 5th Bhav and Venus is in the 5th Bhav then wealth will come . Now let us see in which cases it happens.

if 5th Bhav has Taurus sign , then it is capricoen ascendent or makar lagna. In such cases 11th Bhav has scorpio sign of Mars and if Mars is in that sign as it is his own house, huge monies will come.

If 5th Bhav has Libra or Tula sign then it is Gemini ascenedent and again mars will be the 11th Lord. So if again Venus and Mars are in 5th and 11th , wealth will arrive Big time.