Which Politician is good? Check Shani chandra & Rahu placement in Birth Chart

Shani is common man and chandra in our mind. Whenever there is a strong Shani chandra relationship in chart, a person will engage in thinking about common man or democracy. The shani Chandra relationship must be string in order to reach heights of leadership. Such strong relationships have been seen in charts of all the big leaders and Prime ministers.

However when ever shani is placed 6th from Chandra, a person will exploit people or he himself could have been exploited. Similarly if shani is placed 8th from chandra , a person will hide things from common man. Rahu association with the shani chandra placments brings cheating , fraud and nefarious mindset. Rahu is a Schemer and any influence of Rahu or association of rahu with Chandra creates poison in the mind.

Hence when ever Shani or Saturn is placed in following angles from chandra in Birth Chart expect the following:

6th-from: Exploitation, Disagreement, and Toxicity

8th-from: Shocking Change, Destruction, and Sudden Rebirth

The 6-8 relationship of shani from Chandra creates the following energies

  • exploiters and exploited; criminals and victims of crime; cheaters and cheating
  • the out-of-contract, the betrayed, the un trusted, the disenfranchised, the prostituted
  • the illegal, illicit, ill-suited, ill-matched, ill-disposed
  • physicians and the diseased; polluters and the polluted
  • jealousy, gluttony, larceny, thievery, usury, poverty,
  • accusers and complainers; litigators and prosecutors
  • agents of war and instigators of social conflict
  • the mother’s relatives; servants and servitude; ministries of service
  • military – medicine – misery – mistreatment – ministry

Lets see Charts of some of the politicians of Uttar pradesh assembly which are readily available on Websites. We can clearly see the agenda of such people. Since we do not have the time of Birth of such people , we shall derive results basis the moon chart of Chandra lagna. Further, we can also see that on their date of birth , how many planets were placed in nakshatra of Shani. If more planets are based on nakshatra of shani then the person will think about people provided Shani is not in 6th or 8th position from Chandra. If more planets are placed in rahu nakshatra or if moon is in trines to rahu or if moon is in Rahu nakshatra or if moon is in rahu rashi or if moon is aspecting rahu then the person as definitely a scheming mind.

I have deliberately picked Chart of UP Politicians who are in sitting assembly. The data is from the Govt Website.

Ramasaran Varma was Born on March 1, 1949. Lets see his Chart and planets position on day of his birth at 12.00 Noon.

You can see that his Shani is 6th from moon and retrograde. if he is Born before 7.00 am then the Chandra Rashi will be Kumbha which is rashi of Rahu and if he is born after 7.00 am then rashi will be Meena. He is a writer and the same is confirmed association of Jupiter with Mercury provided . This indicates that if we take moon rashi as Meena then Guru or Jupiter becomes dispositor and there is Rashi parivartana because shani will be in rashi of Guru and Guru will be in rashi of Shani.

The position of shani in 6th (legal cases , disputes) from moon confirms legal cases against him. saturn is aspecting 12th from moon which confirm his Jail term.

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