Yogas For Royal Association

1. If Karms Lord is yuti with, or receives a Drishti from the dispositor of Amatya Karak, or even, if Karms Lord is yuti with, or receives a Drishti Yogas from Amatya Karak himself, the native will be

  • chief in the kings court

2. Should Amatya Karak and the dispositor of Atma Karak Yogas be together, the native will be

  • Endowed with great intelligence
  • be a kings minister

3. If Atma Karak is strong and is with a benefic, or Amatya Karak is in its own Bhava, or in exaltation Yogas , one will surely become

  • a kings minister.

4. If Atma Karak, or Amatya Karak is placed in a Kendra, or in a Kon, the native will

  • beget royal
  • mercy
  • royal patronage
  • happiness thereof.

5. Should malefics be in the 3rd and the 6th from Atma Karak, or from Arudh Lagn, or in Sahaj and

Ari Bhava, one will become

  • Army chief.

6. If Atma Karak is in a Kendra, or in a Kon, or in exaltation, or in its own Bhava and gives a Drishti

to Dharm’s Lord, the native will be

  • a king ’s minister.

7. If the Lord of the Rasi, where Chandra is placed becomes Atma Karak and, if this Lord is placed in

Tanu Bhava along with a benefic, the native will become a

  • king’s minister at his advanced age.
  • royal patronage.

8. If the Arudh of Dharm Bhava happens to be itself the Janm Lagn, or, if Atma Karak is placed

in Dharm Bhava, the native will be

  • associated with royal circles.

9. If shukra and Chandra are in the 4th from karak Lagn, the native will be

  • endowed with royal insignia.
  • Full of energy
  • focussed

10. Should Lagns Lord, or the Atma Karak be yuti with Putrs Lord and be in a Kendra, or in a Kon,

the native will be

  • a king, or minister
  • happy nature